Stereo Hysteria

Happy Record Store Day! Celebrate with an hour of college rock, straight from vinyl. XTC, R.E.M., LMNOP, TMBG and more!

This week, songs about hell from Curtis Mayfield, The Stooges, The Jam, Broken Social Scene, Ida Maria and more!

This week, a two hour in-depth interview with Jon Langford about his new album “Here Be Monsters,” the Mekons, the Waco Brothers, and a life in art & music.

An hour of lonesome songs, featuring The 357 String Band, Muddy Waters, Velvet Underground, Paul McCartney and more!

An hour of songs about loneliness, featuring The Rutles, Charlie Rich, Daniel Johnston, The Replacements and more!

This week, rare non-album b-sides ripped from the original vinyl, including Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Hindu Love Gods, Squeeze, Fleetwood Mac and more!

This week, songs about heaven from Cake, Be Bop Deluxe, Mekons, Grant Hart, Talking Heads and more!

This week, a conversation with Joey Simeone of the fabulous Bellfuries about the band’s past, present and future.

Record Of The Day: George Harrison - Gone Troppo (1982). You’d never confuse the man who made this record with a slick pop songwriter trying to get a hit, although the catchy, synth-driven “Wake Up My Love” coulda been a contender. And apart from a cheeky nod to “Something” in “Unknown Delight” and a rerecording of the White Album outtake “Circles” (featuring Billy Preston and Deep Purple’s Jon Lord!), there’s also little indication that this is a record by a guy who was in the bloody Beatles. No, this is the work of a relaxed, affable looney on vacation, making music to amuse himself and his friends. The doowop cover “I Really Love You,” the Python-quoting tropicalia of “Greece” and Legs Larry Smith’s cement mixer-themed artwork are all contagiously silly in-jokes, while “Mystical One” and “That’s The Way It Goes” are straight-up stunning compositions. George may have made more consequential records, but he never sounded friendlier.

An hour of songs about luck (both good & bad) from The Who, The Plimsouls, Heatmiser, Lene Lovich, ELP, ELO & more